Step Up Your Halloween Makeup Game

You have an hour before the neighborhood costume party, and you just finished making the candy corn treats. As for your costume, you are struggling in that category. With nothing but a black t-shirt dress as your best option, you grab a makeup pallet and try to whip something out. After 30 minutes of searching board after board on Pinterest, you come across a deer-inspired makeup tutorial. Needless to say, you dive into your makeup bag and after just a few minutes, your costume is finally complete. Or at least, you consider it to be complete.

No matter the situation, you can transform a below-average costume into something that will impress people with a simple step up in your makeup game. With Halloween on our minds, here are a few of the best Halloween makeup ideas out there, enjoy!

  1. Skull


If you are opting for the scarier side of things, a skull is your best bet. Black and white clothing and a face full of makeup, and you are good to go.

  1. Black Cat


Avoiding all superstitions, black cats might be your best luck this Halloween. Not only is the makeup easy, but if you’re anything like us, finding an all-black outfit in your closet won’t be hard!

  1. Mermaid


Break out your seashell bra, mermaid tail and that makeup pallet you bought when you were 12-years-old. Vibrant colors are a must, along with glitter and matching lipstick, duh!

  1. Scarecrow


It’s finally time to grab that old flannel, overalls and hat that are all buried in your attic. Draw on some rosy cheeks, stick some hay in your overalls, and call yourself a scarecrow!

  1. Zombie


Whether you spend most weekends watching The Walking Dead, or you are just really into the zombie life, this costume makeup is as easy as it gets. Throw some dark eye shadow around your eyes, rip up some old clothes, and practice your zombie walk!

  1. Vampire


If you’re into vampire TV shows or red is just your favorite color, then add a vampire costume to your collection. Not only can you heavily rely on those black clothes in your closet, but you can also finally have an excuse to buy that deep red lipstick you have been eyeing for months.

  1. Leopard/Cheetah


Although it requires a little more time and makeup, this costume would turn heads. Throw on your best blacks and browns in your closet, slick your hair back and paint a few spots here and there on your face. And of course, practice your best roar!

  1. Deer


This costume is the best of both worlds, as it is easy, and absolutely adorable! The makeup is stuff you will most likely already own, and you will finally have an excuse to pull out that brown fur vest you bought years ago. Lastly, cue the song from The Sound of Music (“doe, a deer, a female deer…”).

  1. Sugar Skull


If you would rather opt for the happier side of Halloween, a sugar skull is always a great option. The costume doesn’t matter too much for this one, as it is your makeup that really counts. Just don’t forget your flower crown or jewels to glue onto your face!


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