Sleep in Style

No matter the time nor day, every person loves to put on their pajamas and hates taking them off. They are your comfort on cold nights, your worst enemy on mornings when it’s hard to start your day, and your best friend on movie nights. But, you can’t just wear any old t-shirt and shorts to bed. You have to have a cute matching set of pajamas to slide into every night, I promise you. Striped leggings or plaid pants, thermal shirts or a satin button-up; it’s all necessary for your sleep. If you are laying your head down for your much-needed beauty rest, you should look good while doing it, right?

Basic Pajamas

These are your basic pajamas – the patterned wide-leg pants and button-up shirts that people of all ages wear. Whether they are satin, flannel or cotton, you are sure to stay warm through the night, and be insanely comfortable while doing so. Featured in nearly every Instagram on Christmas Eve and every morning coffee Snapchat, these plaid or polka dot pajamas are essential for your beauty rest.

Old Navy Printed Flannel Sleep Set for Women



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Nordstrom Cotton Twill Pajamas



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Nordstrom Moonlight Pajamas



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ASOS Boux Avenue Stripe Pajamas Gift Set



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Legging Pajamas

We all know leggings are a must-have for any girl in this day and age. What could be better than having a comfy pair of leggings to sleep in? Nothing, obviously. We have searched the web back and forth to find the best pajama sets that are still fashion-forward, take a look!

Old Navy Striped Sleep Set for Women



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Missguided Ribbed Slouch Pajama Jumpsuit Nude



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Nordstrom Sleepyhead Thermal Pajamas



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Nordstrom Plaid Flannel Lounge Pants



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Missguided Ribbed Legging Pajama Set Grey



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ASOS Chelsea Peers Panda Fleece Pajama Set



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Satin Pajamas

Wearing satin instantly makes you look and feel like a million bucks. With that being said, why not sleep in it? These satin pajamas will have you drooling and purchasing in seconds. From the embroidery to the color to the pattern, these are your best options for your slumber.

Missguided Black Luxury Satin Embroidery Pajama Set



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Missguided Striped Slogan Nightshirt Pink



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Missguided Piping Detail Short Pajama Set Blue



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Target Women’s Sleep Satin Pajama Set Berry Cobbler



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But, you can’t have cute pajamas without a cute sleep mask to match!


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