Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Halloween is one of the best holidays, if you’re crafty. There is nothing like frantically racing around your house the night of a costume party and finding absolutely nothing to wear. You are trying to avoid bringing out that horrendous costume your mom made for you but you also don’t want to ruin clothes you already have. With that being said, we are here to help for those nights specifically! Here are a couple costumes you can throw together last-minute!

1.Where’s Waldo?


Grab a red striped shirt and a beanie, and call yourself Waldo. This is a costume anyone with a brain would understand. The best part? People will be searching for you all night!

2. Hippie


Not only will you look super cute, but this costume won’t damage your bank account. Because the boho look is so trendy right now, it is likely that you will already find all the necessities in your closet. Just don’t forget to flash the peace sign in all your pictures, and rock a middle-part of course!

3. Athlete


Baseball player, football player, basketball player, you name it. Dressing up as an athlete is the easiest costume in the book because of three reasons. 1. No matter the sport, you will always look cute. 2. This costume doesn’t require much shopping, and is easy to throw on when you are in a hurry. 3. You can sport your best pigtails or braids to match your outfit.

4. Gumball Machine


Honestly, could this be any cuter? You might have to sacrifice an old white tee to pull this one off, but it’s worth it. Spending a few bucks at your local craft store, investing in a bottle of glue and giving up an hour of your time could all end with a best costume award.

5. Robbers


You are lying if you are trying to convince yourself that you don’t already own this costume. A black and white striped shirt, black pants and black gloves and there you have it, you are the neighborhood robber.

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