Furry Shoes & Socks for the Winter

There is nothing worse than walking around with cold feet during the winter months. Getting out of the shower, stepping on the cold bathroom tile, and racing to your bedroom to grab your warm socks. Or, waking up in the morning, walking into your kitchen for breakfast, and having to sit Indian-style on your chair to keep your feet warm. Either applies and both are the worst parts about the winter. Whether you opt for wool socks or furry shoes to keep all ten toes warm, both are essential to survive the colder months. Are you in need of some foot accessories for the winter? We are here to help!

UGG Dakota Moccasin 



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Going to the grocery store, going to class, going to the movies, these moccasins are always on my feet. I have a pair in grey and I find myself grabbing them from my closet almost twice a day.

UGG Coquette Slipper



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Although I don’t have a pair of these, all of my friends do and they have them on constantly. With leggings tucked into a cute pair of wool socks and these fur slippers, these are part of their everyday uniform.

L.L.Bean Women’s Wicked Good Moccasins 



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These are just like the UGG moccasins, but half the price!

L.L.Bean Merino Wool Ragg Sock



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These socks are everything you have been dreaming of, and more. Forget furry shoes, these wool socks get the job done all on their own!

SOREL Snow Angel Lace Boot



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Not only are these bad boys lined with fur, but they also are the best in the snow. You might need to throw on a pair of wool socks so your feet stay warm, but at least your feet won’t get wet!

UGG Kendyl Slipper



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Mix the UGG moccasins and the UGG slippers together, and you will find these furry things. You foot will be completely surrounded with wonderful fur. They might not be the best to wear outside but inside, they are all yours!

Urban Outfitters MUK LUKS Pennley Pompom Slipper



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Not only are these cheap, lavender, and knit, but they are also drenched in fur. Make sure to order these, and then order me a pair too!

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