Flatform Shoes: Yay or Nay?

We love the flatform shoes we are starting to see in stores. But just like every other trend, there are the ups and the downs, the pros and the cons, the yays and the nays. Aside from the few that have weird patterned soles or the perforated canvas body, we succeed in finding more that we like, drool over and fall in love with than ones we absolutely hate. All we have to say is: YAY! Here are a few of our favorites, take a look!

ASOS DAY TRIP Flatform Sneakers



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With the light, breathable body, these sneakers can be worn in the summer or throughout the transition into the fall season. And, only $36.00? Excuse me while I order these now…

Pull&Bear Flatform Sneaker



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The maroon color, the white sole, the thick white sole; these have us mesmerized. There is nothing like a staple shoe like this to look chic, but also keep you comfortable throughout the day.

SixtySeven Echos White Ghillie Espadrille Flatform Sandals



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We love all the other options, but these might win. As we sit in our sweaters and scarfs, these sandals are making us miss the warmer months. From the contrasting white and black tones to the lace-up detail, these would go with just about any outfit you throw on.

Mango Color Block Flatform Sandal



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On the other hand, these shoes need some more thought. You can’t throw on just any outfit with these because the colors are a little out there, but that doesn’t make us love them any less. The tight slick straps and thick flatform add to their comfort, while the colors make them different from any other sandal.

ALDO Women’s Narcissa Flatform Tassel Loafers



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Despite popular belief, loafers are a thing, and they are our thing. We are loving the loafer trend for fall. This shoe combines that and the flatfrom trend and it’s, it’s genius. Wait, and the metallic trend? These are a dream come true.

Superga 2790 Linea Platform Sneaker



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We love fashion sneakers, we love flatforms. So needless to say, we love these. No matter the color, these are perfect for any season, and are able to be dressed up or down.

Steven by Steve Madden Phylicia Leopard Flatform Oxford



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There is nothing like a cheetah-print shoe to make a statement in an otherwise boring outfit. The espadrille flatform channels the summer months, but the pattern and closed-toed style is perfect for fall.

Stella McCartney Raffia flatform sandals

$196 (was $490)


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Who in the world has $490 in their pocket to spend on shoes? We sure don’t, but $196? Maybe we could consider splurging. Yes, these are the perfect flatform sandal for summer and yes, we are aware that it is freezing outside. But we are always searching for the summer steals during the colder months, aren’t you?!

Burberry Salmond



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Okay, $450? Is it worth it? No probably not, but these might change your mind. These shoes scream trendy. The Burberry print is so versatile, and looks good on just about anything. Paired with the thick white soles and black leather, these are simply, beautiful. We are looking through all the sales to see if we can get our hands on these, but for this price? Not worth it.

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