Date Trend: Style Coordination with Your Significant Other

While it may not be much of a significance in the western world, coordinating outfits for dates is actually a major trend in Asian countries. When I visited China a little over a year ago, I noticed that department stores had clothing sections for couples. We see it here too, specifically with celebrities. I mean, just look at Kim and Kanye West.


It’s like they’re mocking us with the fact that they’re that hella stylish couple that we all secretly want to be.

135077_p_1398133380392Compared the Asia, matching in the west is a bit more subtle. Regardless of that fact, you have to admit that it’s something that’s worth a try. Ladies, let’s be honest to ourselves: this could actually be really adorable. Besides, what better way to tell the world who you’re sweetheart is than by coordinating outfits and becoming that couple that everyone actually wants to be?

So without further ado, here are 7 ways to match your significant other.


1. Be sporty


Be the couple that sets the trend. Whether its with Adidas, snapbacks, or your favorite sports team, make them all wish they were winners like you.

2. Throwing it back to Grease


Remember that scene in Grease when Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta get into the groove with “You’re the one that I want”? Yeah, they looked pretty awesome in all that leather.

3. Bold Color Coding


For the couples that want to match at the bare minimum, because let’s be honest, this isn’t for everybody; dress in neutrals and pick one bold color for both of you to accentuate. Maybe wearing matching red shoes (different styles, of course!)?

4. Smooth Criminals


Play it preppy or business casual with bae. The world will look at the both of you and know that you guys mean business.

5. Playing it Casual


If fashion went my way, then comfy is always the way to go. By this, I mean hoodies, sweatshirts, sweatpants, or basically anything that makes it easier to cuddle. When in doubt, Disney knows how its done.

6. Denim all the Way


Believe it or not, I’ve seen couples coordinate in denim in multiple occasions here in Los Angeles. This is only for the trendiest couples and of course, those who do it for the ‘gram.

7. Prince Charming and His Princess


We’ve all been here (or will be here) where we’re going to some big social event like prom, sorority formal, or wedding and man-candy may be a necessity. Instead of just matching his tie, try going for a more romantic coordination like matching his boutonnière and shirt to your dress. Make all the girls wish them and their dates could be as adorable as two of you.

Want to try one of these styles on your next date? Be sure to tag your s.o.


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