The Best Street Styles of Paris Fashion Week

You come to a locked door labeled “Paris Fashion Week.” The key? An invitation. Once received, an invite unlocks an inside scoop into the international perspective of the fashion industry, a perspective that is very notable. In our case, an invite to any fashion week would be heaven-sent but to most well-known figures in the fashion world, New York Fashion Week is sub-par; you have to go bigger. Milan, Paris and London, just to name a few, are the highly-sought after, the unreachable yet reachable, the top tier of fashion week. But with an invitation comes the pressure to find the most slightly eccentric yet simply incredible ensembles to wear when you attend. Fashion week just occurred this past week, and here are our favorite styles that were seen on the cobblestone streets of the one, the only, Paris.

Paris Fashion Week SS16, Day 1

We are absolutely raving over this look. The lace detailing is the epitome of the current trends and meanwhile, she is also tying this together nicely with the epitome of fall style, a sweater. From the effortless off-the-shoulder sweater to the thick belt at the waist, it is the perfect casual look for running around fashion week.


There is nothing fiercer than a black and red color palette. Her shirt, black boots and red purse give the outfit a dressier vibe, but the jeans tone it down just perfectly. But let’s not forget the middle-part and sleek hairstyle that adds a little edginess, but not too much to distract from the outfit.


The lady on the right went full on and full force into the all black trend, and she is really rocking it. But the lady on the left…it’s very clear, her skirt was simply made by the hands of angels. The buckle on her left hip, the material, the cut and the wrap style all play a major role in contributing to what this skirt embodies. It’s not just any skirt, it’s a skirt you want to look at rather than have to look at, it’s a skirt worth splurging on. She didn’t stray far from her color palette with her accessories, as her little purse matches perfectly with the outfit. But we are all for matching every single thing, down to every single buckle, every color and in her case, every fur ball.

PARIS, FRANCE - MARCH 3: Actress and fashion blogger Sarah Ellen wears a dress, coat and shoes from Barbara Bui on day 3 during Paris Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2016/17 on March 3, 2016 in Paris, France. (Photo by Kirstin Sinclair/Getty Images)

Oh my goodness this coat is something we think we have seen in our dreams. Except in our dreams, we am wearing it at a fashion show rather than sitting at a desk in a sweatshirt, like most of us are now. At first glance, we thought this outfit was a tad distracting but after really looking at it, we love every aspect about it, down to the red lipstick and necktie. Somehow, the patterns all compliment in each other in a perfect manner. Because her outfit has a lot going on, we love that she went with such a casual hairstyle, it was the ideal accent.


Who made this skirt, where can we find it, and how soon can we have it? Blue and red are a great example of colors that are extremely contrasting to the eye, yet compliment each other very well. The lines heading opposite directions and the buttons going down the skirt are amazing. The high-collared white shirt with small detailing on it is just the finishing touch the outfit needs to make eyes turn and jaws drop. We can’t forget about her purse but once we start on it, we will be talking about it for hours. Needless to say, it’s b-e-a-UTIFUL.


That coat…that purse…gimme gimme! When we imagine ourselves strutting the streets of Paris, we hope we can be wearing something like this. It’s so effortless, yet so chic, so excessive yet so minimal, so classy yet so trendy. Honestly, there isn’t much more to say, it’s one of our favorite styles seen on the streets of Paris because of a million and one reasons.


Of course, we had to end with a bang, are you even surprised? This coat. It is very clear that this coat is not being used as an accessory, but an outfit in itself. It’s huge and warm and so many colors, but it’s never too much. The thigh-high boots are the perfect touch simply because it doesn’t distract from the coat. Yes, it’s all about the coat.

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