6 Fall Trends, and How to Make Them Work

  1. Metallic- EVERYTHING



Our first question is: why? Why have metallic accents become a thing? The next question is: how? We are all craving to be part of the new trends, but how are we expected to incorporate metallic pieces into our closet? Our advice is to keep the outfit simple to assure that the metallic really pops. We envision a pair of black jeans, a white tee and some metallic loafers. Whether it’s a metallic coat, metallic shoes or metallic nail polish, take advantage of the different coloring and texture and focus on the futuresque vibe. Metallic is a statement piece so take a risk.


  1. Patchwork Motto Jackets



Honestly not too sure how we feel about this trend, but we aren’t fully against it. First, it was denim jackets that were coming back in style, and then jean skirts. Now, it’s the patchwork or embellished jackets that are taking over the industry by storm. Whether it’s emojis, bubble letters or fun numbers and food, this piece is a great accessory for an otherwise simple outfit. These jackets already have so much character to them so don’t distract from that, just keep the outfit simple. Use it just as a light jacket, and style it with minimalist colors to confirm that the jacket is the center of attention.


  1. Statement Fur




First, who in their right mind doesn’t drool over fur? We have always loved the fur trend that has been creeping onto the runway for years past, but it is more essential in the fall and winter seasons than it has ever been before. The look of throwing a fur coat over an outfit is always the perfect touch, but the new dramatic colors of coats are a game-changer. You can opt for the simple outfit or you can style a fur coat with a patterned outfit; either way, you really can’t go wrong. We can’t wait to see these fun colors all over the streets, and definitely can’t wait to get our hands on one for our own collection!



  1. Blush Color



Rose quartz: it’s a color that has reigned the fashion industry for a few seasons now, but we don’t want its prominence to come to an end. It’s the perfect balance between color and simplicity. Let’s not forget this color looks good on every fabric in the book, we can promise you that. Worn on a sweater, silk pants or a furry purse, this is just the staple color you need to walk the streets in the fall. We can just imagine it now…a blush cropped sweater styled with a great pair of ripped high-waisted jeans or a rose quartz two-piece set. Now that we think of it, you could even be wearing a trash bag in this color and you would still look flawless.



  1. Denim, denim, DENIM



Leave it to Gigi Hadid to look stunning in a jean skirt…or pants? Honestly, we aren’t really sure what it is but she can definitely pull it off. The problem with denim? You can never have too much of it, at least that’s what most people think. They take their undeniable love for the fabric to the highest level, when others just stick with having a statement piece. Either way, you can pull it off with a white tee, some comfortable shoes and a lot of confidence.



  1. Clear Shoes



This is a trend we will never understand. At first glance, it looks like Kim Kardashian is strutting the streets barefoot. But then, you see the plastic lining her leg and the heel of the boot and then you realize…she is wearing clear shoes. This prompts the questions of the do’s and don’ts of clear shoes. Do you wear socks with them and if so, are they supposed to be colored? Do your toenails have to be painted to wear them? Are we overthinking the trend? We don’t think so. Considering the shoes are as minimalist as it gets, we would advise that you style them with a fun pattern to spice things up a bit.

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