Zodiac Fashion: Do You Dress Like Your Rising Sign?

The zodiac has been looked into from many perspectives, yet I’ve never really come across any detailing fashion choices based on the signs. However, how you dress may not be in relation to your zodiac at all, but rather your Rising Sign. Your rising sign is how others portray you. For example, by birth sign, I’m a Cancer, but my rising sign is a Gemini, which means people portray me as someone who is extraverted, bold, and loves to talk a little too much. I never quite saw this, but my gal friends have definitely vouched for these traits.

Want to know what your rising sign is? Head over to to get a free analysis of your star signs! Without further ado, here is how you may dress based on your rising sign:



Aries is a warrior sign. Most Aries love the color red and are quite successful in the corporate world. As a result, an Aries might tend to dress in power suits and whatever is classy and trending. The part of the body that an Aries rules is the head so there’s a possibility that these rising signs love to wear hats, scarves, and barrettes.



Taurus loves comfortable items that are soft to the touch. They aren’t really into the trends but love high quality items as long as they can get them on sale. As an earth sign, this rising sign is prone to sporting neutrals and earth tones. The area of the body that a Taurus represents is the neck and so most like to accessorize their simple outfits with necklaces, ties, or gold chains.




The Gemini is a bold sign and is full of personality. Thus, this rising sign likes experimentation and trying all sorts of looks and styles. They are comfortable wearing anything from baggy ripped jeans and crop tops to sleek cocktail dresses and Louboutins. The part of the body that Gemini rules are the hands, and so accessorizing is all about rings, bracelets, and making sure that your nails are on fleek at all times. When in doubt, Gemini rising signs such as myself look to fashion queens such as Serena van der Woodsen who not only loves to play up her style by experimenting, but creates the trends.



Cancer is the softest soul of the zodiacs and is characterized as feminine, nurturing, and emotional. This is true in my case as a cancer. However, I actually don’t dress the way a cancer sign would. Cancers often wear clothes that are feminine, pretty, and vintage. This rising sign is a fan of soft colors such as white and shimmery pastels. They are often into silver jewelry and pearls than anything else. Finally, comfort is also a staple for cancers so soft and cozy fabrics are a go-to.



Of all the signs, Leos love luxury. They will go for quality and will often save up for that expensive item. Closet wise, they have ones that are the envy of signs everywhere as they are filled with the latest luxury clothes and shoes. This rising sign is often found wearing glitter filled and sequined attires. Bold colors, animal prints, satin, and silks are staples of Leo’s closet. Leo’s favor bold colors like red and gold and are essentially into clothes that make them stand out. Make way for the ultimate Fashionista.



Polished and always looking “put together”, Virgo fashion is all about the details and looking as neat as possible even if the actual outfit is simple and casual. Virgos are not too concerned with the trends and may stick to the conservative side of fashion, wearing clothes that are just the right amount of comfort. This is a rising sign that loves to match their clothes, shoes, and accessories to a point.




The Libra is one of the most romantic signs in the zodiac and also one of the most fashion conscious. Libras like to wear lacy, floral, and feminine items. This rising sign is often noticed not because of the flashiness of their outfits but because they truly encompass what real style is. This sign is also a fan of wearing perfume and typically has a signature scent that they wear on the daily.




Sexy and mysterious are words to describe a Scorpio’s style. This rising sign is a fan of dark colors such as black or even burgundy. Scorpios are not often fans of wearing underwear but those women who do favor lacy bras and thongs. They love wearing sexy black heels, thigh high boots, body-con dresses, or dark sunglasses to play up their mysterious aura. The goal of Scorpio fashion is enticement. Their ensemble should leave something to the imagination.




If your rising sign is a Sagittarius, then you’re probably more into casual and sporty fashion that allows lots of freedom for movement. This rising sign is a fan of tennis shoes and the color purple. Hence, most women of this rising sign wear colors with periwinkle and orchid hues. They also love flannel and are often wearing large sweatshirts advertising their school logo or favorite sports team.






Capricorns are the most grounded and ambitious of all the signs. Their choice of style often borders on the conservative however mixing and matching is still a definite must for these determined ladies. The capricorn style also emphasizes quality over aesthetics. Shopping at Forever 21? No can do for this practical sign. They would rather save up and buy something that is both useful and durable than buy an item that will ware out easily. These signs often follow the style of Ivanka Trump.



The Aquarius rising signs create and break the fashion rules. They love to mix and match and experiment without a care to how others perceive them. If a new trend comes out, the Aquarius is usually the first to wear it. This sign is also a fan of wearing outdated trends such as those found in the 60s and 70s and typically keep wearing them until the trends make a come back. Aquarius women feel good in whatever they choose to wear even if social fashion standards don’t necessarily agree.




The area of the body that a Pisces rules is the feet, hence why women of this rising sign often have the most shoes in their closets in comparison to their friends. The Pisces sign is considered the daydreamer of the zodiacs and hence why Pisces women often opt for skirts and dresses over pants. They also love materials made from chiffon and have shimmering hues. The staple color for a Pisces ranges within green to blue and most have closets with foam green and sea blue accents. Pisces is also a sign that loves jewelry and will not leave the house with a complete set of rings, necklaces, and bracelets.



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