Trends Coming Back in Style, and We Aren’t Complaining About It

Just like Justin Timberlake said in his 2006 hit “What Goes Around…Comes Around,” everything that was once in style will soon come right back onto the runway, just a few decades later. These are just a few examples of the trends we were so happy to be reunited with:

1. High-Waisted Bottomshighwaisted-jeans

High-waisted jeans, high-waisted skirts, high-waisted shorts, high-waisted anything, really. There is this common belief that wearing your bottoms extremely high up with a cinch around your waist slims down your hips, and there might be some truth to it. This is one trend I find myself repeating constantly, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

2. Chokers choker

Whether you are making your own or paying a ridiculous $15 for one, chokers are in. When I say “in,” I mean really in. Varying in all colors, all textures and all widths, these little necklaces are the ultimate accessory to complete any outfit.

3. Scrunchiesscrunchie

I have a scunchie on my wrist almost as much as I have a watch on my wrist; so basically, all the time. They don’t leave indentions in your hair, they come in fun patterns, and they just look better than a normal hair tie. They add a little character to your outfit. Without a scrunchie you are just a boring individual with their hair up. But with a scrunchie, you are a quirky girl with silky hair, an alluring hairstyle and an even better method of pulling all that hair back.

4. Cat-Eye Eyeliner


We thought we were so cleaver, didn’t we? Thinking we were going out on a limb and trying something different from our all-too-familiar eye makeup, we attempted the cat-eye. But little did we know, this trend occurred way before our time.

5. Loafersloafers

Despite popular belief, loafers do not make you look like a nerd, but more like a professional person who is career-driven and ready to take on the world. At least that’s how I feel when I wear them. When being trendy is a top-priority, but so is being comfortable, what better pair of shoes to wear? Throw on some loafers, do a quick power-stance in the mirror, and you are well on your way.

6. Bell-Bottoms bell-bottoms

Are you channeling your inner hippie or just trying to keep up with the trends? Honestly we will never know the difference because believe it or not, flared pants are creeping back into style. Take some flared jeans, add a high-waist and there you have it: bell-bottoms. Just don’t forget your round sunglasses, or a few peace signs!

7. Bandanas bandana

Maybe it’s tied around someone’s neck at Coachella, or used as an accessory on a purse, but bandanas are sold in most stores now. They are available in minimalist or vibrant colors and are the accent needed to finish your ensemble.

8. Skorts skort

I vaguely remember my mom forcing me into skorts splashed with all different patterns, and I had a love-hate relationship with them. From the front, it looked like I had dressed nicely for the day but from the back, it was the familiar pair of shorts that allowed me to run around on the playground. Worn for different reasons now, this trend that was lost with the end of past decades, is now seen with envelope skirts.

9. Tube Tops tube-top

Leave it to brands like Urban Outfitters or Free People to bring back a trend like tube tops. I mean honestly, are you surprised? Tube tops, covering up your chest and stomach, are often paired with skirts or jeans, and some with a jacket thrown over them. Let’s not forget the saying, “less is more,” which is very applicable in this situation. These shirts…but are they shirts? It’s just a rectangular piece of cloth with the ends sewn together, yet people still pay for it. That’s the way the fashion industry works my friends: paying for something so simple just to fit in with the trends. Brilliant, isn’t it?

10. Turtlenecks turtleneck

Okay, am I the only one who gets a severe case of the itches on my neck when I wear turtlenecks? They are so cute and absolutely perfect for fall and winter weather, but I wow find them a little uncomfortable. But despite the itchiness, they keep you very warm, and hide your neck fat, if you’re into that.

But let’s not forget some trends that we miss dearly; trends that need to come back into our lives. From mood rings, slap bracelets, crimped hair and bike shorts, to velour sweat suits, shoulder pads, platform flip flops and bowl cuts, we are just waiting to see these on the runway sometime soon. But do they really need to make another appearance in the fashion industry? That’s for you to decide.




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