Trend Alert: Thigh High Boots

Going out on a cold day has always had its issues for a girl like me who prefers skirts and shorts over pants and leggings. Knee high boots are fashion statements to sweater weather, but today fashion has gone beyond and created the thigh high boot. I’m not saying that it solves all the issues, but the extra length definitely helps. This style has been thus far my favorite type in the boot department because it makes me feel fierce and let’s me wear my preferred style of skirts and shorts.


Want to be just as fierce as Anne Hathaway? Here are 3 tips to help you along the way:

1. Leave some breathing room


Just like clothes, boots that hug your legs too tight can give the illusion of extra weight. If you’re wearing leather thigh high boots, then they naturally leave some breathing room. Suede on the other hand, can be tricky. The worst thing is when the top of the boot is so tight that it creates a sort of bubble effect on your thighs and to be brutally honest, it’s going to look like extra weight hanging out.

2. Short or skimpy is best

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I’m not saying that the outfit has to be scandalous, in fact thigh high boots give women that sexy kind of look that’s unique to their style no matter what they choose to wear with it. It my opinion, it just looks downright fierce. The best way to wear these boots are with skirts and shorts that leave some skin between them and the boot. Just take it from Gigi Haddad. She wore here thigh high boots to pick up clothes from the cleaners.

3. Layer with stockings or socks


If it’s extra cold outside and showing that extra skin doesn’t seem worth it, pair your boots with stockings or super adorable thigh high socks that peak out from the top. It will add a sort of adorable-ness factor to your ensemble.

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