Trend Alert: The Off-Shoulder Look

Dainty. Feminine. Elegant.

These are the words I would use to describe the latest trend that’s been popping up on the streets. Even though the weather is steadily becoming colder, the off-shoulder look has been all the rage and is perhaps summer’s last impression. Scarves? Is that still a thing? Just kidding. But don’t underestimate this trend. It may not be the most appropriate for the colder days, but it definitely makes a girl feel all sorts of attractive.

Want the look but aren’t sure how to incorporate the style in your wardrobe? Luckily, I’ve got an app like Picit to help me create a solution. Here are five different ways I discovered on how to rock the Off-Shoulder look:

1. The Professional

screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-6-21-29-pmHey there, working girl. Just because your schedule revolves around internship, work, and school, doesn’t mean you have to go about it without style. Find a button up version of the off-shoulder top, pair it with heels, a clutch purse, and put on a bold red lip. Now who’s ready to get down to business?

2. Cute and Casual


When in doubt, go for cute and casual.   Put on some cuffed jeans and some sandals (or booties), and you’re just about ready for any sort of occasion. This is definitely something I’d want to wear on a lazy day or if I just want to feel extra comfy. The baggier the better.

3. Cozy Cashmere


Okay, so maybe you really like the look, but it’s extra cold outside. Let’s tie your look back into the theme of Fall. What better way to do this than by wearing a baggy cashmere sweater? You know, like the ones being sold at Brandy Melville that everyone’s crazy about. Now all you need is a cozy scarf and skinny jeans and you’re all set to conquer the cold while looking fashionable.

4. Bringing it Back to the 90s


Bring the legendary 90s back with this off shoulder street look. Tops like the one pictured can be found at stores like American Apparel. Just pair it with a denim skirt and bring out your inner Madonna. But wait, it’s fall. Keep it warm with knee high boots and a denim jacket to offset sweater weather.

5. The Girl Next Door


Keep it chic and simple with a billowy sleeved off-shoulder top, denim jeans, and brown knee high boots for that all-time classic girl next door look. This is one outfit, you can’t go wrong with, and it pairs perfectly with the fall season!

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