More Than Meets The Eye

When I first joined Picit’s team as a marketing intern, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect and where my efforts would lead. I knew that, because Picit was a brand new startup, I would primarily be working towards getting it off the ground, and that this would require me to try on many different hats along the way. Sure enough,

my first month here was sort of chaotic (in a good way!): I went from testing out new outreach methods to compiling leads for journalists, to investigating SEO strategies; sometimes tackling and managing all of these new projects within the span of a week. However, eventually I gravitated towards one particular function, one that I really excelled at: finding what we call Trendsetters. Essentially, Trendsetters are our ambassadors – people who post quality content on Picit’s public wall in exchange for a new audience and a deeper level of engagement with their followers than would be achievable on other social platforms.

When I was first tasked with finding new Trendsetters for Picit, I reacted the same way I do whenever I tackle anything completely new – by asking as many questions as I can in every angle possible. What types of people do we want? What type of content do they post? What do these people have in common? How will I find them? Eager to test out the tried and true technique of trial and error, I dove right in, plugging in various combinations of searches across Instagram to see what I could find. After deciding on a number of compelling accounts, I discovered a common bond among the people I selected: these were people who were motivated by a passion, and used this passion to tell stories.

Just through these Instagram accounts, I was able to learn the narratives that these strangers had crafted, making them feel instantly more familiar. Through these visuals, I learned about bakers, style bloggers, bowtie designers, smoothie entrepreneurs, you name it. It all was so fascinating to me how they could take a particular area that they enjoyed and make it a vehicle to tell details about their life that they might not have even been able to tell through words. When I connected with these people on a personal level, and heard firsthand what motivated them to curate the lives the way they do, they essentially confirmed what I already knew through the stories they told – that their passion was behind every picture they shared.

I think the most important thing I have taken away from coordinating the Trendsetter program is a new perspective – I can view even the most seemingly bizarre idiosyncrasies that people have without batting an eye. If I see someone taking pictures of their pink smoothies – as is the case with one of our Trendsetters, fashion and style blogger Meagan Kahler – I can view it as being cool and interesting. You could just be a person who likes to photo-document all your frozen drinks, which, by all means – whatever makes you happy. But you could also be doing this as part of your own unique way to tell your story – something that our app allows you to do in a brand new style.

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