Make Costumes from Items You Already Own

Halloween is here and at 22, I still get excited over costumes, candy, and even trick-or-treating. Judge all you want, it’s my way of unleashing creativity and of course the inner child within. However, at 22, I’m busy with work, internships, a full course load, and trying to accommodate what’s left of my social life. You know, “adulting”. That’s why, the whole shopping for a costume thing, isn’t going to work, but voila, Picit saved Halloween by offering me a solution: ways to create a costume using everyday items you already own. So without further ado, here’s the list of costumes anyone can make with the things they already have in their homes and closets:

  1. Greek Party


We’re bringing out our white bed sheets for this one. The basic idea is to tie the sheets around your body like a toga. If you need something to hold it in place, the a gold belt, rope, or even safety pins will do. Style you hair in an update and maybe add some leaves that you can find outside, and you’re ready for a toga party.

  1. Gender Swap


This one’s a bit different and only works if you have a brother or father who is close in size and allows you to borrow their clothes. If you’re a gal, try going all out with the saggy pants, a snapback, and a jersey T. If you want some added hilarity, use an eyeliner pencil or dark eyeshadow to draw in a stache or beard. Otherwise, suit and tie is another way to go. Just take it from Amanda Bynes in She’s The Man.

  1. Pajama Girl


If you’re lazy like me, a good go-to costume is actually your pajamas. You can even smudge your make-up like you’ve just woken up, and carry around a stuffed animal. When in doubt, a onesie is always cute! You can get all your friends in on it and have an animal party!

  1. Identity Crisis


I saw this one on the web and thought it was so hilarious and so fitting for those of us who are having an identity crisis. You can either download the Hello, name is… stickers or wear a white T-shirt. All you have to do, is either write down all the different possibilities of who you could be, or carry around a sharpie and have your friends fill in the blacks or write on your shirt.

  1. Vintage


Yes, this means your going to have to raid your parents’ closet. Find whatever costume looks outdated. For example, bell bottoms that were popular in the 60s, a hippie dress/tie dye T-shirt from the 70s,  or even leg warmers from the 80s. Make sure to style your hair accordingly. If you need help, look to mom’s advice on how she wore it best in her younger days.

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