Holiday Fashion: Meeting Your S.O.’s Parents

Meeting your significant other’s family for the first time is super stressful, especially during the holidays. You want to impress them, but you don’t want to come off as being “too much.” Well, in terms of how you present yourself, the best thing is just to be who you are. However, first impressions are also very important and how you dress may be a deal breaker. After all, fashion is just an extension of oneself. So how do you dress to impress the potential in-laws? Picit’s got the scoop for five potential types of parents:

1. The Ivy League Parents


These parents are smart and they’re not afraid to show it through conversation and the millions of awards lined throughout the house. Impressing these parents on sight may entail wearing business casual attire. Go with a power suit, or an A-line dress. Keep your hair out of your face. Don’t stutter and have some conversation topics in mind.

2. The Hipster/Trendy Parents


A bit unorthodox, but still considered the “cool” parents, these potential in-laws may value someone who doesn’t conform to societal standards and is comfortable in their own skin. Impress them with something a bit playful – something that starts a conversation. Perhaps some ripped jeans with heels, a formal top, and leather jacket. That’s the best part about fashion, it doesn’t have to make sense to look good!

3. The Basic Parents


These types of parents are sweet and will probably take to you no matter what you decide to wear. Make sure to bring out your personality and gauge the attire based on the ambience of the dinner (or lunch). To be safe, I recommend wearing a classic A-line dress, or in the case of a casual setting, a jumper and scarf.

4. The Doting Parents


If your S.O. is constantly on the phone with his parents on the daily and you consider him to be somewhat of a “momma’s boy”, then you know you need to dress to impress. Dainty and sweet is the way to go. Wear a lacy and floral dress to bring out the appearance of the perfect daughter in-law.

5. The Religious Parents


Cover your girls up, ladies. You are in the house of a higher power now and you need to reflect it to impress his conservative parents. Sticking with a dress and cardigan is a safe bet. You can also wear a button up under a cashmere sweater for a preppy look. Just avoid showing too much skin and stay clear of anything too bold or skimpy. You don’t want to give his mother a heart attack.

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