Fashionista Squad Goals With The Chanels

Scream Queens is back with a new and exciting season, so I thought it would be appropriate to make a squad tribute to our favorite divas (A.K.A. The Chanels). Despite their twisted relationship, they definitely have squad goals down where fashion is concerned. Using inspiration from the Chanels, here are my top 5 squad goals for the fashionistas at heart.

  1. On Wednesdays…


Taken straight from Mean Girls, if my friends and I could be the Chanels on a Wednesday, we’d all have coordinated pink outfits like this. Frilly and shamelessly girly with the sassy attitudes to match because why not? Can this be a thing again?


  1. Ya Girls Are Lookin’ On Point


Ever had those moments when you stare at your friends and just feel lucky to have them? Especially those moments when they look so good together? I mean, let’s be honest now, you’ve got the prettiest friends in the world. Everyone is staring and secretly wishing they were you (at least that’s what’s happening in your mind). Paparazzi? Sorry, there will be no pictures or autographs today.



  1. Decked Out in Furs


Let’s get fancy. I love dressing up to go to places no matter what the occasion and I’m not ashamed to wear obnoxious furs when I do. As expected, the Chanels don’t care either and together, they’ve got a fanciness that others can only envy. So when you go out with your girls, be sure to leave the house with style. Ladies, it’s time for your close up.


  1. Having Sleepovers


Sleepovers are so much fun especially when all your galfriends are dressed in cute sleepwear. Because, let’s face it, you can’t just have a regular sleepover like everyone else. Eventually, someone’s going to pull out a camera. Ideally, you all have to look cute for the ‘gram, so better safe than sorry.


  1. You Can Do Anything With Your Besties


Truthfully, you feel best when you’re with your squad of besties. And when you feel good, you look good. Take it from the Chanels who always look like they’re ready to conquer the world. Needless to say, you should feel like you can do anything with your friends behind your back; fashion forward or not.


Here in the real world, we love our group of girls and genuinely have each other’s backs. Still, it can’t hurt to coordinate outfits every once in a while and have the world envy your togetherness.


Don’t forget to let your squad know how much you love them by tagging three of your best girlfriends AND be sure to catch Scream Queens on FOX at Tuesdays 9/8pm.



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