Fashion Tips for Prince Charming

Been a long time follower of Picit? Then you know that most of our attention goes to the ladies, however, it’s time for a change. This article is for the Fashionisto who’s ready to dress to impress.

For these fashion forward men, I’ve compiled a list outfits to wear for your lady with the help of inputs from my fellow female friends. If you’re getting ready to go on a date, or wanting to catch the attention of your crush, then stay tuned. Here’s how to dress like the perfect prince charming.

Dear Prince Charming,


It’s pretty chilly outside. All those layers make you look warm and comfy. Can I come in for a hug?

What kind of restaurant are you taking me to? You look great in that classic suit and tie. It’s cool and sleek. That trench coat makes you look ten times hotter.

I don’t think a study date was a good idea. You’re really distracting me with you’re unbuttoned flannel and messy hair. I love how you make casual look so cool.

Can I look through your closet? I want to make sure my parents get blown away when they finally meet you. How about a button up under a sweater?

What are we watching tonight? I can make the popcorn and… on second thought, you look really comfy in all that cashmere. Cuddle session instead?


The Internal Thoughts of Just About Every Girl

Dressing for girls can be tricky, so be sure to download Picit to help you make your fashion decisions!

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