Fashion Rules For The Fun-Sized Woman

At a height of 5’1 and small framed, my friends consider me to be “vertically-challenged” though I like think of it as being “fun-sized”. In the fashion world, I am known as someone who is petite. When you’re a petite woman, then you know that it is very easy to give off the illusion of weight gain or even emphasize your lack of height if you don’t wear the right clothes. Luckily, nowadays, certain stores have sections specifically for those of us who are petite. However, because the height requirements for being petite stop at 5’4, there are still rules those of us have to follow especially if we fall short of that height mark. In order to appear fashionable despite being short, here are 5 fashion rules Picit has come up with to give petite women an illusion of height.

Legs for Days


The more leg you show, the taller you will appear. Miniskirts and short shorts are your best friends. If you want to stick to pants, skinny sleek is the way to go.

Thank Goodness for Heels


Heels are another aspect of fashion that any petite woman can rock. Heels elevate height and should especially be worn if you plan on wearing any skirts that go past your knees. If this is the case, stick to the strappy kinds. Otherwise, heels look great with anything. If you prefer flats, a simple trick to looking taller is simply to show more leg.

Vertical Stripes and Monochrome Patterns


The pattern on your outfit can also be a deal breaker. Vertical Stripes and monochrome patterns are the most obvious designs to lengthening your body.

Fit to the Waist


The lighter, the better. A petite woman should avoid wearing a heavy or boxy silhouette because it give an illusion of weight gain. Be figure conscious and stick with outfits that are fit along the waist. This should not be confused with tight clothes as anything tight will add weight no matter what your height.

Tuck It In


Get your clothes to fit closer to your figure whether you decide to wear pants, a skirt, or shorts by tucking in your shirt. This is a way to elevate your waist thus giving you the illusion of length.

Obviously, the most important thing is comfort and if none of these rules cater to your style, then that’s fine. You do you, boo! These are just friendly tips Picit has created for anyone who’s ever in a pitch.

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