The Best Loungewear To Have During Finals Prep

You are four cups of coffee in and it’s only 9:00am. With bags under your eyes and pajamas still on, you sulk towards the library. You purchase your fifth cup of coffee, find a good seat, and open your computer. Whether it’s your full planner or your texts from your parents, you are constantly reminded that it is finals week. We don’t know what are worse…the migraines, the exam grades, or how students forget to change their clothes because they don’t want to “interrupt” their studying. But, we are living and breathing examples of the saying “dress well, test well.” So, we are here to make your studying a little better, with the best loungewear to have during finals!

Brandy Melville

Laila Thermal Top


Brandy Melville Top

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Rosa Sweatpants


Brandy Melville Bottom

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Alternative Apparel

Cool Down Eco-Jersey Zip Hoodie


Alternative Apparel Top

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Fireside Eco-Space Dye Thermal Legging


Alternative Apparel Bottom

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Whatever Monte Crop



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Essentials Malibu Skinny Sweats



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Fleece V-neck tunic sweatshirt



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Soft Asymmetrical stripe leggings


GAP Bottom

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Happy Studying!

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