6 Tricks For Easy Fashion Decisions

6 Ways to Make Fashion Dilemmas Easier

Decisions are hard. I can barely decide what I want to eat for breakfast! So when I find myself at H&M in a dressing room filled with the absolute cutest outfits, panic ensues. Luckily, I’ve picked up a few tricks to make it easy to decide what to buy.

1. Trust Your Gut

Most of the time when deciding between 2 choices one feels a little more right than the other. There’s not always a reason for it, in fact often times there’s a reason not to buy something, but going against your gut is a surefire way to guarantee regret when you get home. Instead, trust your gut. It’s usually right.


2. Go with your first choice

Fear is a big factor in decisions. Sometimes when we find something we like, our brain asks “Maybe there’s something better?” This is bad. Bad brain. IN truth, this is just your mind’s way of trying to avoid post-purchase regret. Instead, tell yourself confidently, “This choice is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!” in a loud voice and get yourself to that cashier ASAP.


3. Ask Someone Else

Decisions for yourself are hard, but for some reason it’s easier to help others decide. Ask someone else which option they like more – a friend, your mom, a sales clerk – and decide that whichever they pick will be the one you buy. No questions asked!



4. Save Some Dough

Let’s face it, we all want to save money. And if both options work for you, why not go with the cheaper of the two and save some cash? You can even use it to splurge on something else. Now that’s smart shopping!



5. Be Different

When it comes to fashion, we tend to play it safe and stick with what we know. So why not use this time to be a little adventurous. If you’re stuck deciding between two options, go ahead and pick the crazier choice. It’s good to be cray


6. Test Your Luck

If you don’t care which option you choose, stop wasting your time stressing out and just flip a coin. It takes the decision out of your hands and is the quickest way to make a decision. Plus it’s fun.

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