6 Ways To Rock The New School Year

It’s that time again. Summer is winding down, the leaves are starting to change and of course the school year is just getting started. So here are some back to school essentials that will make you stand out in the best way possible!


1. Rock A Cool Backpack

Flower Backpack

Backpacks are so much more than just something to hold your books – they’re an extension of your style! Time to ditch that boring functional Jansport or even *gasp*, that old L.L. Bean bag you’ve been lugging around since 6th grade. Step it up this year with something unique like this floral print backpack.


2. Bring Out The Denim



Always an American staple, denim has come a long way from being worn by just cowboys. Guys, try matching a faded denim shirt with black pants for an easygoing and carefree look . Ladies, we love the oversized denim shirt or even a tucked in denim shirt over a cute skirt. The best part about denim is there are an infinite amount of looks to rock out with.


3. Buy A New Phone Case


Fresh Phone Case

Let’s be honest, we’ve got our phones out at least 80% of the time. So why not have a phone case that’s flashy as well as functional? Check out this fresh phone case from Amazon (fresh …. get it?).


4. Upgrade Your Pens

Guitar Pens

Wait, did you say pens? Yes. Pens. It’s the little things in life that make the big differences. Having a fun pen to make math class a little more bearable goes a long way. Plus it may just be the conversation starter that cute guy or girl in your class needs to approach you.


5. Invest In Some Hair Product


Hair Product

If you think the “Just out of bed” hairstyle comes from literally just rolling out of bed you’ve got a lot to learn. Having good hair products that can transform you from dud to stud in no time at all is a must for this school year.


6. Show Off Your Kicks


Nike Rosheruns

Finally, what back to school list would be complete without a new pair of kicks to strut your stuff? Shoe lines like Roches by Nike (shown above) come in dozens of different styles making them a great choice to show your great fashion but not wear the same thing as everyone else.

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