Head Shot

Dan Hefter Founder & CEO

Dan left corporate America to start Picit and his parents cannot be more terrified about it. Dan is passionate about solving the annoying things in life that make you scratch your head and say "There should definitely be an easier way to do this". Dan was a former commissioner in his Fantasy Football League and truly believes he can run the 40-yard dash faster than Eli Manning.


Jeff Nowak Marketing Manger

Jeff is Picit's resident "Bro-in-Training" and when he's not working on Picit he's working on Boost Linguistics making the language people use more emotionally appealing. Jeff has a strong passion for entrepreneurship, innovation in product development, market research, and relationship marketing. If he’s not biking nor rowing, he’s reading up on current trends in machine learning and offers social media marketing tips to early stage start ups.


Asma Nished Marketing Intern

A lover of art, henna, food, math and more food, Asma is just a dancer who is posing as a future investment banker or marketer. Oh yes, she laughs at everything. Please don't take it personally. 90% of all Picit meeting begin with Dan trying (and failing) to get Asma into a war chanting frenzy.